• Introduction to “Children's Books Going Overseas from Japan”
  • Part 1: Tower of Publication
  • < Chapter 1> Characteristics Observed in Each Period and the Expansion of Countries/Regions of Destination
  • Characteristics by period: the 1960s to 1970s
  • Characteristics by period: the 1980s to the 1990s
  • Characteristics by period: the 2000s to the present
  • <Chapter 2> Countries and Regions with Many Translations of Japanese Children's Books
  • Ranks 1st South Korea
  • Column
  • Taiwan
  • Column
  • Ranks 3rd China
  • Column
  • Ranks 4th United States
  • Ranks 5th France
  • <Chapter 3> Nonfiction
  • Natural science
  • Social science
  • Learning materials featuring popular characters
  • Part 2: Tower of Culture
  • <Chapter 1> Picture Books
  • <Chapter 2> Literature
  • <Chapter 3> Folktales and Chirimen Bon (Crepe-paper Books)
  • Part 3: Special Corners
  • Names are different; Calls are different
  • Names are different; Calls are different
  • Sadako: A story from real life has been introduced to overseas countries in the form of children's books
  • Kenji Miyazawa: His works spread transcending national boundaries
  • List of Books
  • Major References
  • Congratulatory Messages
  • About This Site
  • Sitemap
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About This Site

About This Site

This online exhibition was created based on an exhibition catalog for “Children's Books Going Overseas from Japan,” an exhibition held in the International Library of Children's Literature from February 20 to September 5, 2010, to commemorate the National Year of Reading as well as the 10th anniversary of the opening of the International Library of Children's Literature (ILCL) as a branch of the National Diet Library (NDL). The exhibition catalog was edited and published by the ILCL.


Commentary is provided by staff members from the International Library of Children's Literature.


We would like to express our deep and sincere gratitude to the following people who provided valuable advice to us in holding this exhibition. Our special thanks go as well to all those in charge of children's books and the literary property of the publishers that have offered materials and information for the exhibition, as well as to all those who have cooperated in realizing this exhibition.

(Listed in Japanese alphabetical order; Honorific titles omitted.)
Kiyomi OTAKE, Toshio OZAWA, Takashi KAWANO, Akiko KURITA, Tayo SHIMA,
Kuei-E CHANG, Atsuko HAYAKAWA, Kyoko MATSUOKA, Takeo MIYAKAWA, Yurika YOSHIDA, Viviane Ezratty

Exhibited Materials

• Books whose call numbers start with “児” and “Y” are owned by the International Library of Children's Literature, and other books belong to the National Diet Library.
• The book numbers shown in this online exhibition coincide with the reference numbers of books/materials displayed at the exhibition.
• Books with no call number or possession information are those currently being classified at the National Diet Library as of November 2009.
• For bibliographic items, the catalog of the National Diet Library is used as a rule, except in cases where books are currently being classified.
• The authors, illustrators and translators of Japanese-language books and materials on exhibit are based on those described in the books and materials.
• Due to copyright issues, the photos of some books/materials have not been posted in this online exhibition.

Bibliographic Items

Caption information is provided in the following order.
Reference number of the work on display, title, original title (for translated work), author, etc. (author, illustrator, translator, etc.), country of publication, publisher, year of publication, National Diet Library call number.

Update Information

The English version of this online exhibition was released on January 18, 2012.


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