History of Japanese Children's Literature. Transcript of the ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature, 2005

Foreword Takao Murayama 3
New period of children's literature -1945-1960 Teruo Jinguh 6
Picture books in the 15-Year War period - my choices Shin'ichi Yoshida 26
Tracing the line of Japanese literary fairly tales (Dowa) Takeo Miyakawa 46
“Collapse of taboo” and young adult literature Naoto Ishii 66
Four female writers of Japanese new fantasy -Centering on Fuyumi Ono Akemi Itsuji 86
Changes in children's popular literature Motoko Sato 108
Introduction of books on general history of Japanese children's literature Yuri Chiyo 130
Crepe-paper books (Chirimen-bon) from the ILCL collections Maki Eguchi 143
How to use the Union Catalog Database of Children's Literature Kazushige Watanabe 154