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Pleasure of picture books: learning from the tradition of British picture books. Transcript of the ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature, 2006

Foreword Yukiko Saito 3
Randolph Caldecott Shin'ichi Yoshida 6
Beatrix Potter Shin'ichi Yoshida 29
Edward Ardizzone Shin'ichi Yoshida 53
Charles Keeping -Picture books for self-expression Okiko Miyake 82
Shirley Hughes -The most popular picture-book artist in England Kari Haijima 104
Analysis of Anthony Browne's picture books -The tradition and innovation of British picture books Tomomi Fujimoto 123
Reference books about Caldecott, Potter, Ardizzone -From the ILCL collections Yuri Chiyo 142
Introduction of Picture Book Gallery Satoko Konuma 165