Pleasure of picture books: the history of American picture books. Transcript of the ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature, 2007

Foreword Yukiko Saito 3
Introductory Notes 4
The Early Days of American Picture Books -The predecessors of Wanda Gag Shin'ichi Yoshida 6
Prosperous Years for American Picture Books: Wanda Gag and her contemporaries -The 1920s, 1930s, and during World War Ⅱ Shin'ichi Yoshida 27
The Development of American Picture Books -The post-World War II period Okiko Miyake 51
The Maturity of American Picture Books -Maurice Sendak: Part I Shin'ichi Yoshida 78
Maturity of American Picture Books -Maurice Sendak: Part II Kari Haijima 106
A Fantasy World -The Masterful Narrative Techniques Tomomi Fujimoto 122
Reference Books on American Picture Books -From the ILCL collections Terumi Fukushi 150
Introduction of Picture Book Gallery Satoko Konuma 165
About the Speakers 171