ILCL's Children's Book Sets Lending Service to School Libraries


As reported earlier, the ILCL (International Library of Children's Literature) started a Children's Book Sets Lending Service to Japanese school libraries in November 2002.

The aim of this service is to let children extend their understanding about foreign countries and people. It began with 10 boxes of books on Korea (5 boxes each for elementary schools and junior high schools). The boxes were all lent out within one month after the service started and there is already a long waiting list. Each box contains about 40 books, 30 of which are Japanese books on Korean culture, geography and history, picture books and folk tales, and 10 of which are Korean picture books and children's books. About 170 inquiries concerning the service came in one month. The books are expected to be used for teaching about other countries and human rights, preparing for a school trip to Korea, or learning the Korean language etc.

Now boxes of Scandinavian books and boxes of world information are being prepared. The ILCL has received several requests to include more books written in the original language, and it is now considering how to answer those requests to improve the service. Information in Japanese is here[].

(2002.12.31 update)