Donation of Books from Bologna to the ILCL


The Project Manager of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, Ms. Elena Pasoli, visited the ILCL (International Library of Children's Literature) in July 2003. At that time, Ms. Pasoli offered to donate annually to the ILCL a part of the books which were entered for the Bologna Ragazzi Award. The Bologna Children's Book Fair is the world's largest fair of children's books. It has taken place every spring since 1964 in Bologna, the state capital of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, and has given the Bologna Ragazzi Award each year to the most excellent children's books submitted to the Fair in three divisions: fiction, non-fiction, and new horizons. The ILCL welcomed Ms. Pasoli's offer, and the first donation of 457 books from 22 countries arrived at the ILCL in July 2004. The donation stimulated the ILCL to collect all the other books entered for the Award from 2004.

Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, has kept up a friendly relationship with Bologna since 1981 and has also received an annual book donation from the Fair since 1993. In 2004 Itabashi Ward received 340 books from 25 countries. In September 2004 Itabashi Ward opened Itabashi Bologna Children's Book Hall, a special library to exhibit about 20 thousand books that have been donated so far from Bologna Children's Book Fair.


(2005.2.28 update)