The 37th All-Japan School Library Research Conference


The 37th All-Japan School Library Research Conference, on "School Libraries, places to give access to information, to broaden children's knowledge, and to develop their minds," was held in Shizuoka City on August 4-6th, 2010. More than 2,000 people got together and participated in the lecture meetings, symposiums, forums, and research discussions. For realization of the goal represented in the conference title, six key research issues were proposed; School libraries should

  • 1. work as reading centers: develop children's literacy, enrich their minds, and deepen their knowledge
  • 2. work as learning centers: teach children how to utilize their knowledge and support their research activities
  • 3. work as information centers: develop children's information skills
  • 4. work closely with teacher librarians and school librarians
  • 5. work closely with parents and neighbors
  • 6. support children and students with special needs

A staff member of the International Library of Children's Literature (ILCL), Mitsue Takamiya of the Children's Services Division, participated in some section meetings and had research discussions. Details are given below.

The research discussion (elementary and junior high school): How can we develop children's information skills?
Speakers: Chizuko Konegawa (Misaki choritsu Misaki Junior High School), Naoe Hayashi (Chino shiritsu Yonezawa Elementary School)
Ms. Konegawa and Ms. Hayashi showed their practice examples: how ingeniously their libraries were designed; they link the classes to the library, and as class teachers and also as teacher librarians, they made time to give children the training to use the library.

The research discussion (elementary and junior high school): How can teacher librarians, school librarians and class teachers work together efficiently? Speakers: Takayo Yamashita (Hamamatsu shiritsu Sato Elementary School), Hatsumi Uematsu, Isuzu Sano (Chuo shiritsu Tatomi Junior High School)
Ms. Yamashita, Ms. Uematsu and Ms. Sano showed practical examples; teacher librarians and school librarians work together and stimulate children to use the library in their classes or for school events. They prepare for the classes with teachers to promote the use of the school libraries. According to the speakers, school libraries should be the center of the school management, and the important thing is that teacher librarians, school librarians and teachers share information about their activities.

Research discussion (elementary school): How can school libraries support study instructions? Speakers: Yoko Koganezawa (Fukuroi shiritsu Fukuroi Higashi Elementary School), Chieko Katsuta (Matsue shiritsu Jyohoku Elementary School)
As the revised Course of Study focuses the sufficient language activities, people expect children to have more chances to use their school library. Ms. Koganezawa and Ms. Katsuta showed practical examples; they incorporate children's use of the school library into the annual teaching plan and gradually improve children's skills at using library materials.

Research discussion (all age groups): How can we use school library support centers skillfully?
Speakers: Yukiko Harada (Higashiizumo-cho Board of Education School Library Support Center), Toshie Fujita (Arakawa-ku Board of Education School Library Support Room)
According to Ms. Harada and Ms. Fujita, local governments need to understand the importance of children's use of their school libraries, work as school library support centers, and improve its functioning by exchanging information and participating in the training.

Ms. Takamiya, a staff member of the ILCL, realized people who serve children by giving books need to work closely each other for the development of school libraries as places to enrich children's minds and support their learning.


(2010.11.30 update)