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Walter Crane
"Flowers From Shakespeare's Garden"
"A Masque Of Days" by Elia
"Rumbo Rhymes" by Alfred C. Calmour

Arthur Rackham
"Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" by J. M. Barrie
"The King of the Golden River" by John Ruskin
"Comus" by John Milton
"Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti

Charles Robinson
"The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
"In the Beginning: Being the Book of Genesis Told to Children" by S. B. Macy

L. Leslie Brooke
"Ring O'Roses: A Nursery Rhyme Picture Book"
"Johnny Crow's New Garden"

Claud Lovat Fraser
"Peacock Pie" by Walter De La Male
"Nursery Rhymes"

united states

Howard Pyle
"Yankee Doodle: An Old Song 1775"

Jessie Willcox Smith
"The Little Mother Goose"
"The Water-Babies" by Charles Kingsley
"In the Closed Room" by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Maurice Boutet De Monvel
"Jeanne d'Arc" (Joan of Arc)
"Filles et Garçons" by Anatole France
"Nos Enfants" by Anatole France

André Hellé
"Fables de La Fontaine" (La Fontaine's Fables)
"French Toys"


Gertrud Caspari
"Der Winter" (The Winter)


H. Lefler and J. Urban
"Kling Klang Gloria: German Folk and Children's Songs"


Ivan Bilibin
"Сказки Пушкина/Сказка о золотом петушке"
(The Tale of the Golden Rooster) by Alexander Pushkin
"Skazki" (The Russian Falk Tale)
"Skazka" (Prince Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Grey Wolf)
"Skazki" (The Frog Princess)


Elsa Beskow
"Buddy's Adventures in the Blueberry Patch"
"Blomsterfesten i täppan" (The Flower Festival) Music by Alice Tegnér


Artuš Scheiner
"Tři Zlaté Vlasy Děda Vševěda "
(Three Golden Hairs of Old Fushevedo) by Karel Jaromir Erben

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