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Hey Diddle Diddle and Baby Bunting

published by London :
1887 (1882 first edition)
(from The Complete ColIection of PICTURES and SONGS 37.4 x 28.6cm)

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Randolph Caldecott

A self-trained artist of natural talent, Caldecott was working as an illustrator for a magazine in London when Evans came to see him in 1878 and commissioned him to do a picture book. Evans's idea of filling the blank pages previously left on the back of color-printed pages with Caldecott's distinctive line drawings opened up new territory in the genre, and the two went on to collaborate on the creation of a total of sixteen picture books. England's nursery rhyme traditions were thus enshrined in the picture book medium with humor and warm insight into human character, as well as fine artistry shaped by love of the English countryside.
The exhibit displays all pages of not only "Hey Diddle Diddle" but "Baby Bunting" and the seven works below:

A Frog He Would A|Wooing Go
Come Lasses and Lads

Other works
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Walter Crane

Kate Greenaway

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