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"Baa! Baa! Blacksheep" from Baby's Opera

published by London :
1899 (1877 first edition)
(from Triplets 30x32cm)

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Walter Crane

As an apprentice of the wood engraver William James Linton from the age of 13, Crane was profoundly influenced by the ideas and refined techniques of his mentor, a fervent liberalist who went so far as to go to France to take part in the February Revolution(1948). For decades after he met Evans in 1865, they continued to turn out one memorable picture book after another. His brilliant sense of design made him a leading artist in his time; he was an active practitioner in the decorative arts movement, in education in the arts, as well as a committed socialist. He became the successor to the work of William Morris after the latter's death in 1896. His best known works are Baby's Opera, The Baby's Bouquet, and The Baby's Aesop.
The exhibit displays all pages of not only "Baby's Opera" but the following two works:

Baby's Bouquet
Baby's Aesop

Kate Greenaway

Randolph Caldecott

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