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"BENEATH the lilies ......" from Under The Window

words by Kate Greenaway
published by London :
23.5 x 18.4cm

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Kate Greenaway

Kate Greenaway, who was not only talented but hard-working, was always a top achiever at art school. One day she visited Evans, a friend of her father's, with her portfolio of illustrated poems. While caught by surprise by her portrayals of children awkwardly clad in old-style garb set against blank white backdrops, he nevertheless immediately purchased her portfolio, which became an instant best-seller when it was published in 1879 as Under the Window. A genuinely contemporary artist devoted to creative originality, she could not be confined merely to the role of illustrator.
The exhibit displays all pages of not only"Under the Window" but thefollowing two works:

from The Pied Piper
of Hamelin

Little maid
(from Mother Goose)

Randolph Caldecott

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