Lecture on “Current Issues Regarding Children’s Reading and Libraries in China”


The International Library of Children’s Literature (ILCL) invited Ms. Lu Qiu Qin, Curator of the Shanghai Children’s Library in Shanghai, China, for a lecture titled “Current Issues Regarding Children’s Reading and Libraries in China” on March 25, 2019.

Prior to Ms. Lu’s lecture, Associate Professor Noriko Asano of Osaka Seikei College gave an overview of children’s reading in China from three points of view: activities in elementary schools in Beijing, reading promotion efforts by libraries and reading promotion efforts by private organizations.

Ms. Lu started her lecture with an overview of the Shanghai Children’s Library and its history. Then she introduced the various reading promotion programs by the library. She explained that library services are gradually changing to provide not only books, but knowledge. She mentioned several programs based on that which provide children with the opportunity to use the latest technologies, such as the Maker Classroom, a class to experience the latest technologies under the guidance of librarians; and the “Make and Play” Space, a space to experience cutting-edge technologies independently. She gave a demonstration of some programs using iPads.

She ended the lecture with a video introducing the new annex building of the Shanghai Children’s Library, which began construction in December 2018 and is going to provide advanced services.

Many participants responded positively on a survey about the lecture, with over 98% indicating satisfaction overall. Comments from the audience included the following: “It was interesting to learn that Chinese libraries provide such visionary services,” “The Shanghai Children’s Library provides services intending not only to promote reading but also to encourage children’s development, which stimulated my interest,” and “I could learn the difference between situations in Beijing and Shanghai thanks to Dr. Asano’s lecture.”

Additional details are available (in Japanese) at the following link.


(2019.5.31 update)