“Lecture on Korean Picture Books: Past, Present, and the Future” was held on December 1, 2019


The International Library of Children’s Literature (ILCL) of the National Diet Library (NDL) held a lecture meeting titled “Lecture on Korean Picture Books: Past, Present, and the Future” by Mr. JUNG Byungkyu, Co-President of the Art Center for Children’s books , and Mr. CHUN Sanghyun, Course Leader of the Picturebook Imagination School , on December 1, 2019. Over one hundred participants filled the venue with excitement and many of them looked at the diverse Korean picture books exhibited in the venue during intermissions, as well as before and after the lectures.

Mr. Jung gave an outline of the history of picture books in the Republic of Korea from 1945 to the present based on historic milestones and Korea’s domestic situation, while projecting actual picture books onto the screen. Mr. Chun discussed the recent popularity of Korean picture books around the world. He also introduced various new authors and their splendid works.

During the Q & A session, the lecturers received many questions such as about picture books in the early 1900s in the Korean Peninsula, who the most popular picture book author in Korea is and details on training institutions for picture book authors. The two lecturers sometimes used the picture books exhibited in the venue to answer the questions.

Almost all participants responded positively on a survey about the lecture, with over 99% indicating satisfaction overall. Comments from the audience included: “I was able to learn how Korean society, culture and thought developed, through the history of picture books,” “It was great to hear an introduction of Korean picture books along with current publishing trends,” and “I thought picture books could be useful as a way to promote international understanding.”

(2019.12.20 update)