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1891 - 1955

Onchi was born in Tokyo in 1891. In 1909 he graduated from middle school but failed in the entrance examination to higher school. Toward the end of that year he saw Takehisa Yumeji's first collection of illustrations, Yumeji gashu: Haru no maki [Yumeji's Collected Illustrations, Spring], which impressed him so deeply that Onchi wrote Takehisa a letter of admiration and later began visiting the painter. In 1914, with Tanaka Kyokichi and other friends he founded Tsukuhae [Moon Reflections], a coterie magazine of poems and woodcut prints, and became interested in original wood printing. He also began incorporating new styles of expression such as futurism and cubism. From December 1927 to September 1928, he illustrated eight children's songs written by Kitahara Hakushu that appeared in Kodomo no kuni [Children's Land]. In 1947 he published Shun-ka-shu-to [Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter].