Enactment of the revised School Library Act


On June 20 2014, a bill to revise the School Library Act was passed unanimously in the plenary session of the House of Councilors during the 186th regular Diet session.

The gist of the revised School Library Act is as follows:

  • A staff member who works exclusively in the school library shall have the position of school librarian, and schools shall endeavor to have school librarians in addition to teacher-librarians.
  • National government and local governments shall endeavor to implement training and take other necessary measures to enhance the quality of school librarians.
  • Given that the duties of school librarians require professional knowledge or skills, the national government shall review what the qualification and training of school librarians should be by taking into consideration the extent to which this Act is in force, and other matters, promptly after the coming into effect of this Act, and take necessary measures based on the results of the review.

The revised School Library Act comes into effect on April 1, 2015.


(2014.8.26 update)