Notices on school libraries and school librarians by MEXT


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) announced new policies on consolidation and enhancement of school libraries as well as a model curriculum for the training of school librarians.

A Notification of Consolidation and Enhancement of School Libraries was issued to publicize a new MEXT report that was created with the cooperation of the Conference on Surveys and Research into the Consolidation and Enhancement of School Libraries. The report is entitled The Future of Consolidation and Enhancement of School Libraries and was issued at the same time as new School Library Guidelines and a new Model Curriculum for the Training of School Librarians, both of which were based on the report.

A Notification of a Model Curriculum for Training School Librarians was also issued to publicize the model curriculum created by MEXT based on the report. The notification also requests that colleges and universities cooperate in the training of school librarians by creating lectures and certificate programs that follow the model curriculum.


(2017.1.30 update)