International Library of Children's Literature Site Policy

Please pay attention to the following when using the website of the International Library of Children's Literature, provided under the domain "". From now on unless specifically noted, this is called "The ILCL official website."

Concerning Links

  • Basically, you can freely link the ILCL official website.
  • When attempting to link a particular page, be sure to make it clear that the page in question is contained in the ILCL official website.
  • You can access the site by using the banner shown below or the banner of each service in the ILCL official website.
Sample image of the banner, which is not linked to any page.

Copyright Policy

All individual information on the ILCL official website is subject to copyright. Moreover, the entire ILCL official website is subject to copyright protection as a compilation, and is protected by the Japanese Copyright Act and international treaties.
Upon using the contents of this website, please comply with the terms of use of the National Diet Library's website.

Utilizing the contents of the website of the International Library of Children's Literature

Please refer to Utilizing content from the National Diet Library website.

Web Accessibility

The National Diet Library strives to make its website accessible to people of all capabilities and ensure that content is perceivable, operable, and understandable in accordance with the National Diet Library accessibility policy (in Japanese) based on JIS X 8341-2:2016 "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities- Information and communications equipment, software and services-Part 3: Web content".


The ILCL prepares the content of the ILCL official website with due care, but disclaims all responsibility for any acts done by using the information or resources on our website.

The ILCL does not endorse or merchandise the information or resources introduced on our website. Furthermore, the ILCL bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or safety of the external websites and their content.

Please note that the content and URLs of our website may be changed without notice, and the ILCL may take down the website in case of system maintenance, etc.

Privacy Policy

1. Basic concept

The ILCL pays close attention to protecting the privacy of its users in smoothly operating the ILCL official website.

In addition, collected information is managed appropriately within the scope of "3. Purpose of use."

2. The scope of collected information

  • 2.1 The ILCL official website automatically collects the following information of its users: Internet domain names, IP addresses, dates of access, accessed files, browsers, etc. We do not use cookies (information which is transmitted from the server to the users' browsers and then stored in the users' computers, for the server to identify the users).
  • 2.2 When users make inquiries to the contact address at ‘Contact Us', they must inform their names, email addresses, and the content of their inquiries.
  • 2.3 In case of applying for events or of other necessary situations, the ILCL official website may require its users to submit their names, email addresses, and other necessary information for the smooth operation of events.

3. Purpose of use

Information collected on the basis of 2.1 above is used as reference for the smooth operation of services provided via the ILCL official website.

Information collected on the basis of 2.2 above is used by the ILCL to process the inquiries and for reference in considering future measures. The content of inquiries may be forwarded to related departments in the ILCL. Moreover, the ILCL may use email addresses and other information to make responses or contacts.

Information collected on the basis of 2.3 above is only used for the smooth operation of the events concerned.

4. Restriction on use and provision

The ILCL will never use the collected information for any purposes other than those stated in 3 above, nor will the ILCL provide it to a third party, except for particular cases where there were legal disclosure requests, illegal access, or other unlawful actions.

However, the ILCL may publish the statistical information of those mentioned in 2.1 above.

5. Measures to ensure security

The ILCL takes appropriate measures in order to prevent the leakage, destruction, or damage of collected information.

6. Use of Google Custom Search

The ILCL official website uses Google Custom Search. When the users use Google Custom Search, Google may collect the searched contents. For Google's policy on protection of personal information, please see "Privacy and Terms of Google" (link to the Google website.)

7. Scope of application

This Privacy Policy applies only to the ILCL official website. Websites provided under the domain "" other than the ILCL official website have their own Privacy Policy.

8. Protection of private information by the ILCL

Concerning the protection of private information of the entire NDL including ILCL, please see "Protection of Personal Information" formulated by the NDL.

Using the ILCL official Website

1. Browsers

The ILCL official website (except Kid’s Page and Digital Exhibitions) has been confirmed to function as intended with the following browsers as of November 2021:

  • Browsers
    Microsoft Edge 95 / Mozilla Firefox 93 / Google Chrome 94 / Safari 604

2. JavaScript

Some of parts of the ILCL website utilize JavaScript and might not function as intended on browsers that do not have JavaScript enabled.

3. PDF

Adobe Reader is recommended for viewing PDF files.

4. Cookies

Please refer to "Privacy Policy"


The ILCL official website utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 to enhance its security. Older browsers not compatible with TLS 1.2 will be unable to access this website.

Opinions and Inquiries

Please send opinions and inquiries to the contact address on the ‘Contact Us' (Reference services, photoduplication services, user registration, etc. cannot be received via emails.)

Inquiry About the Site Policy

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