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About This Site

About This Online Exhibition

This online exhibition is based on the exhibition catalog for “Japanese Children’s Literature: A History from the International Library of Children's Literature Collections” exhibition held at the ILCL’s museum for children’s books. The planning of the original exhibition, as well as the writing and editing of the commentary was conducted by the exhibition supervisor Professor Takeo Miyakawa (Musashino University), Ms. Yukiko Hiromatsu (Picture book writer and critic), and staff of the ILCL.

Exhibited Materials

Books presented at this exhibition are held by the ILCL. Before requesting a book at the Researchers’ Reading Room, please search the NDL-OPAC (National Diet Library Online Public Access Catalogue) by keywords such as title or author name.
NDL-OPAC, a search and request system for NDL, is also accessible via the NDL webpage. Please note if the material has already been fully digitized, library users will be required to use the digital version than the physical book in principle.

Copyright for illustrations in document number 3-3 belongs to the MIMOCA Foundation.

Hakubunkan Shinsha Publishers granted permission for use of the figures in document number 1-8, 1-9, 1-10, 1-11 and 1-13.

Links to Digitized Contents

The NDL Digital Collections allow users to view the materials that have been digitized and made available online. The NDL Digital Collection enables users to search and view a variety of resources, collected and stored by the NDL. This collection includes part of the children books and magazines held by ILCL. Please note that the version or volume of the item in the NDL Digital Collection may differ from the exhibited materials.

Bibliographic Information

  • In principle, bibliographic information in NDL’s catalog has been adopted and appears in the following order:
    Document number, Title, Author, (Journal name and volume number which carries the work), Publisher, Year, (Series title), NDL call number, commentary
  • Items in square brackets indicate information estimated from research.
  • The same person may be described in different names due to the use of pseudonyms, etc.


Users are free to create links to this online exhibition using one of the following banners. If the link is created to a particular page, users must indicate clearly that the link(s) they create is/are to the online exhibition at the ILCL website.

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Reproduction of the contents

If you wish to reproduce any item or any portion of any item (image, document, article, data, etc.) in this exhibition, please complete the reproduction request form and send to us in advance. For details on how to apply or to make an inquiry, please refer to “Utilizing the contents of the website of the National Diet Library” page on the NDL website. For online exhibition content linked to external websites, please inquire with the specific website.

Web Accessibility

The National Diet Library strives to make its website accessible to people of all capabilities and ensure that content is perceivable, operable, and understandable in accordance with JIS X 8341-3:2010 "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities -Information and communications equipment, software and services- Part 3: Web content" and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Public site for Everyone" operational model (2010 revised version) (Japanese only), we hereby provide our accessibility policy.

Website test result for this online exhibition is available on the following page.


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