No. 9 (March 2009) Contents & Summaries of some articles


Foreword Yukiko Saito 1
Highlights of 2008
Exhibition "Door to the Czech Republic: The world of children's books" Exhibition team 3
On the Exhibition "Door to the Czech Republic" Kenta Murakami 5
Exhibition "Hans Christian Andersen Award 2006 & IBBY Honour List 2006" Exhibition team 8
Exhibition "World of Illustrations for Children: Picture Magazines and Their Artists" Exhibition team 9
Conference on library services for children FY2008: realities and problems of support for school libraries Children's Services Division 12
Report on the ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature -Japanese folk tales Planning and Cooperation Division 16
New addition to Picture Book Gallery -"The American Picture Book: Prologue to the Golden Years" "Information about Children and Books in Japan" on the web Planning and Cooperation Division 18
International exchange
People working for child readers -visit to International Youth Library & the 31st IBBY World Congress Satoko Konuma 19
Visit to Canada : Reading promotion activities for children and their host organizations Yumi Mitobe 22
Visitors from abroad Reina Nakano 25
Research reports
Iranian children's literature Keiko Aiko 26
Latin-American children's literature (Spanish-speaking communities) Machi Godo 31
The places noted the writers of children's stories Takeo Miyakawa 36
ILCL activity report 38
ILCL in figures 47
Schedule 53
ILCL user guide 54

Summaries of some articles

On the exhibition "Door to the Czech Republic"

By Kenta Murakami

From January to September 2008, the ILCL held the exhibition, "Door to the Czech Republic: The world of children's books." In this essay, Kenta Murakami, the general supervisor of the exhibition, briefly describes Czech history and culture, refers to Chino collection of Czech children's books, which are now in the possession of the ILCL, and then describes the exhibition's philosophy.

Iranian children's literature

By Keiko Aiko

In 2007, Keiko Aiko, Adjunct Researcher of the ILCL, evaluated the Persian children's books in the ILCL and made a list of recommendations. In this essay, she reveals her viewpoint in examining Iranian children's books, introduces Iranian authors who won international prizes and some research institutions, and surveys the present situation of publishing in Iran.

Latin-American children's literature (Spanish-speaking communities)

By Machi Godo

In 2007, Machi Godo, Adjunct Researcher of the ILCL, evaluated the Latin-American (Spanish-speaking communities) children's books in the ILCL and made a list of her recommendations. As she says, it is sometimes difficult to deal with the books published in this area – some authors leave their country to publish their works in another country, so for the list she needed to confirm their native countries. In this essay, she describes the process of making the list.

The places noted the writers of children's stories

By Takeo Miyakawa

Takeo Miyakawa, visiting scholar of the National Diet Library, who is working in the ILCL, visited Takada, a place famous for Mimei Ogawa, the author of children's stories. In this essay, examining the dialect spoken in Mimei's birthplace, Joetsu, Nigata, Miyakawa reveals the meaning of a phrase which had haunted him.