No. 11 (March 2011) Contents & Summaries of some articles


Upon the 10th anniversary of the ILCL Makoto Nagao 1
To nurture hope in children Yukiko Saito 2
The 10th anniversary of opening of the ILCL
Toward the next ten years Yukiko Saito 4
Expectations of the ILCL Teruyo Horikawa 9
Exhibitions and events to celebrate the 10th anniversary and the National Year of Reading 14
Highlights of 2010
The ILCL providing information through the Internet Mariyo Igarashi 21
Series: What's happening with Children's Books in the World? Planning and Cooperation Division 24
The ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature— Japanese writers of children's literature Takeo Miyakawa 26
Pictures added to "Kodomo no Kuni" magazine article search in the Picture Book Gallery Planning and Cooperation Division 29
International exchange
Building a Book Culture –International Conference on Children's Libraries, New Delhi, India Mariko Ishikawa 30
Out into the world, ask fellow librarians for advice! visit to Sweden Naoko Kobayashi 32
The 32nd IBBY World Congress Maki Aoyama 34
Exchange programs with the National Library for Children and Young Adults in Korea Planning and Cooperation Division and Children's Services Division 36
Momotaro and the Russian Revolution: Swedish-language edition of Momotaro printed on crepe paper Kimiko Sakai 38
Research reports
Turkish Children's literature Saori Katagiri 39
Children's books in Vietnam Sakae Kato 44
ILCL activity report 49
Schedule 60
ILCL in figures 61
ILCL in graphs 66
ILCL user guide 68
Complete list of contents of "The Window" No. 001 - 010 69

Summaries of some articles

Expectations of the ILCL

By Teruyo Horikawa

In 2010, the ILCL celebrated the 10th anniversary of its opening. Professor Teruyo Horikawa of the University of Shimane Junior College reviews the history of the foundation of the ILCL and its current activities. She expects the ILCL to play new roles in the future– organizing the national reading promotion campaign and putting theories into practice.

The ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature -Japanese writers of children's literature

By Takeo Miyakawa

Professor Takeo Miyakawa of the Faculty of Literature, Musashino University, was the supervisor of the FY 22 ILCL Lecture Series on Children's Literature in November 2010. Describing five famous Japanese authors and illustrators of children's literature, Kenji Miyazawa, Nankichi Niimi, Misuzu Kaneko, Momoko Ishii, Suekichi Akaba, he reviews the Lecture Series.

Turkish Children's literature

By Saori Katagiri

Saori Katagiri, translator, made a list of recommended Turkish children's books and related materials in 2009 as Adjunct Researcher of the ILCL. In this essay, she shows popular Turkish folktales, children's fiction, and bookstores which sell children's books.

Children's books in Vietnam

By Sakae Kato

Sakae Kato, associate professor of Daito Bunka University, made a list of recommended Vietnamese children's books and related materials in 2009 as Adjunct Researcher of the ILCL. In this essay, she describes the situation in Vietnam of publishing children's books, publishers, and children's book awards.