No. 13 (September 2013) Contents & Summaries of some articles


Foreword Kazuko Sakata 1
Research reports
Three years at the Cooperation Forum for Children’s Services Teruyo Horikawa 3
Recent British children’s books : crossover and dark fantasy Hiroko Sasada 8
Urdu children’s books : history and today Asuka Murakami 17
Surprising images of Japan in children’s books overseas - a note by a former ILCL staff member Kimiko Sakai 27
"A bridge of children’s books" : The fellowship program at the International Youth Library Reina Nakano 38
Lecture "Great East Japan Earthquake and children’s reading activities" Planning and Cooperation Division 40
Exhibition "St. Nicholas - The juvenile magazine that gathered together the children of the world" Hatsuki Nishio 43
The 10th anniversary of ILCL’s Book Sets Lending Service to School Libraries Mitsue Takamiya 46
International exchange
The 78th IFLA General Conference Yumi Tobita 49
The 33rd IBBY World Congress Kazuko Sakata 52
The list of foreign visitors and guests Planning and Cooperation Division 55
Expanding horizons through co-organized events Kumiko Hamada 56
The list of events and activities ; April,2012-March,2013 59
ILCL activity report 61
ILCL in figures 77
ILCL user guide 81

Summaries of some articles

Three years at the Cooperation Forum for Children’s Services

By Teruyo Horikawa

The ILCL organized the Cooperation Forum for Children’s Services in FY2010, and for three years has sought to exchange ideas about children’s services in metropolitan or prefectural libraries, to provide support to public and school libraries, and to promote partnership, cooperation, and collaboration. Professor Teruyo Horikawa of Aoyama Gukuin Women’s Junior College, a coordinator at the forum, details its goals, its achievements, and its problems in this review of three years of activities.

Recent British children’s books: crossover and dark fantasy

By Hiroko Sasada

Hiroko Sasada, associate professor of the Department of English Language and Literature, Seisen University, Adjunct Researcher of the ILCL, made a list of recommended English children’s books and related materials in 2012. In this report, she describes the characteristics, trends, major authors, and important works of British children’s literature published since 2000. She explains how the crossover genre has blurred the boundary between adult and children’s literature, and takes a look at the trend toward dark fantasy in novels that have appeared in the United Kingdom.

Urdu children’s books in the past and the present

By Asuka Murakami

Asuka Murakami, a researcher of Urdu literature and Adjunct Researcher of the ILCL, made a list of recommended Urdu children’s books and related materials in 2012. She describes the history of Urdu children’s literature in India and Pakistan, major authors and works, children’s book awards, as well as the publication, distribution, and promotion of children’s literature.