News on children's books

No. Title Date
2020-E001 The 105th All-Japan Library Conference (2019) 2020.7.8
2019-E005 “Lecture on Korean Picture Books: Past, Present, and the Future” was held on December 1, 2019 2019.12.20
2019-E004 Igor Oleynikov Lecture on “Modern Russian Art and Picture Books” 2019.12.20
2019-E003 Lecture on “Current Issues Regarding Children’s Reading and Libraries in China” 2019.5.31
2019-E002 Cao Wenxuan Lecture on “My Life, My Literature” 2019.5.21
2019-E001 The 104th All-Japan Library Conference (2018) 2019.4.2
2018-E006 Lecture meeting “Philosophizing is just part of my nature” by Mr. Wally De Doncker held on May 26, 2018 2018.8.1
2018-E005 Books selected by JBBY for “IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2019” 2018.6.12
2018-E004 Lecture meeting “Mission and role of the International Youth Library and its recent important projects” held on Feb. 25, 2018 2018.6.5
2018-E003 Fourth Basic Plan Concerning the Promotion of Reading Activities by Children 2018.5.20
2018-E002 Three remote training programs by NDL were released on YouTube 2018.4.21
2018-E001 The 103rd All-Japan Library Conference (2017) 2018.4.9
2017-E003 The English version of the digital exhibition "Japanese Children's Literature: A History from the International Library of Children's Literature Collections" now available 2017.5.1
2017-E002 The 102nd All-Japan Library Conference (2016) 2017.3.14
2017-E001 Notices on school libraries and school librarians by MEXT 2017.1.30
2016-E003 2016 IASL Tokyo Conference 2016.10.14
2016-E002 Asian Festival of Children's Content 2016 2016.5.10
2016-E001 The 101st All-Japan Library Conference (2015) 2016.4.21
2015-E001 The 100th All-Japan Library Conference (2014) 2015.4.30
2014-E002 Enactment of the revised School Library Act 2014.8.26
2014-E001 The 99th All-Japan Library Conference (2013) 2014.1.24
2013-E001 Third Basic Plan Concerning the Promotion of Reading Activities by Children 2013.7.18
2012-E004 The 98th All-Japan Library Conference (2012) 2012.12.14
2012-E003 English brochure is now available - The ILCL's exhibition, "Japanese Children's Literature: A History from the International Library of Children's Literature Collections" 2012.5.18
2012-E002 ILCL OPAC for Kids now available 2012.2.24
2012-E001 The 97th All-Japan Library Conference 2012.2.24
2011-E004 Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake and children’s reading 2011.6.20
2011-E003 Second Basic Plan for the ILCL formulated 2011.5.31
2011-E002 ILCL learning support project in collaboration with school libraries has kicked off 2011.3.31
2011-E001 Support Plan for the Promotion of Children's Reading Activities 2010 2011.1.31
2010-KN031 The 37th All-Japan School Library Research Conference 2010.11.30
2010-KN029 The 96th All-Japan Library Conference 2010.12.31
2009-KN020 The 95th All-Japan Library Conference 2010.1.31
2009-KN002 The 94th All-Japan Library Conference 2009.3.31
2008-KN005 Second Basic Plan Concerning the Promotion of Reading Activities by Children 2008.5.31
2008-KN002 The 93rd All-Japan Library Conference 2008.3.31
2007-KN004 The First Translation of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" Found in Japan ! 2007.6.30
2007-KN003 New five-year plan for school library development 2007.6.30
2007-KN002 The Study Meeting on Children and Young Adults Section of All Japan Public Libraries in 2006 2007.2.28
2007-KN001 The 92nd All-Japan Library Conference 2007.2.28
2006-KN005 Visiting Japanese children's libraries Professional Library Tour in Tokyo, after the 2006 IFLA Conference in Seoul 2006.12.31
2006-KN004 The number of books borrowed by elementary school children from local libraries in Japan reaches its highest point. 2006.10.31
2006-KN003 The enactment of "Promoting Letters and Printing Culture Act" and commemorative events 2006.7.31
2006-KN002 The 91st All-Japan Library Conference 2006.3.31
2006-KN001 The 200th Anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth - Upsurge in Japan 2006.2.28
2005-KN004 A Symposium "For a Wider Dissemination of Books for Children with Disabilities - Collaboration between libraries and publishers" 2005.11.30
2005-KN003 Board of Inquiry on Expansion of Library Services of the ILCL 2005.9.30
2005-KN002 Donation of Books from Bologna to the ILCL 2005.2.28
2005-KN001 Report on children's library service in public libraries 2005.3.31
2004-KN002 Bunko from the past into the 21st century research on Bunko, private libraries for children in Japan 2004.12.31
2004-KN001 The Promotion of Reading Activities for Children in Japan 2004.4.30
2003-KN001 Results of the national opinion survey on the Japanese language 2003.12.31
2002-KN003 ILCL's Children's Book Sets Lending Service to School Libraries 2002.12.31
2002-KN002 Japan School Library Association (JSLA) bi-annual conference 2002.12.31
2002-KN001 Movements for the Promotion of Children's Reading in Japan, 1990'- 2002.12.31