Reference Service

Qualification for Reference Service

The ILCL's international reference service is available to overseas institutions of Japanese studies and individuals who study subjects related to Japanese children's literature. Requests for reference service are accepted and answered by postal mail or fax.

A resident of Japan requiring a reference service is advised first to consult a nearby public library or an university library. If answers cannot be found at the local library, you can ask them to send your reference to the ILCL.

Scope of Reference Service

The ILCL's reference service is confined to the following five areas all related to Japanese children's literature:

1. Search for specific items in the NDL collections

2. Search for location of items held in other institutions

3. Providing bibliographic data for specific documents (e.g., title, author, date/place of publication, volume no., publisher, relevant page numbers)

4. Referring to documents for a specific topic

5. Referring to other institutions treating the specific subject