Loan Service of the Exhibition "The World through Picture Books -Librarians' favourite books from their country"

The International Library of Children's Literature (ILCL) offers a loan service of the exhibition titled "The World through Picture Books – Librarians' favourite books from their country."

These books were collected through "The World through Picture Books" programme (link to IFLA website) led by the Libraries for Children and Young Adults IFLA section with the aim of making a list of picture books recommended by librarians from around the world.
The book set in Japan is available for loan free of charge to libraries in Japan, as well as in Asian and Oceanic countries.

Latest news about the exhibition set

IFLA has been working to publish the new third edition of the catalogue, so we are also preparing to switch to loan the exhibition set based on the third edition. In response to IFLA's donation request, publishers from participating countries have sent picture books from the third edition of the catalogue to the International Library of Children's Literature. Thanks to their kind cooperation, we plan to start lending those picture books from October 2024 at the earliest. Details will be announced on this page during FY2023. Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for loans of the book set based on the second edition of the catalogue.

The World through Picture Books -Librarians' favourite books from their country

The contents of the exhibition set

  • a number of picture books* from 530 titles selected by librarians from 57 countries
    * Exact numbers of books to be determined
  • a multilingual catalogue "The World Through Picture Books"
  • a list of books

* The picture books can be exhibited for free access under monitoring by the staff.


  • national or local government organizations
  • public organizations that wish to hold an exhibition open to the public
  • one or two organizations per year
  • Those who are able to fulfill the conditions:
    Conditions (PDF:134KB)


  • one month (excluding the period of transportation)


  • the cost of return shipping only (no booking fees)


  • The exhibition set is packed in six or seven boxes.
  • The exhibition set must be sent back via air mail.
  • The borrower must bear the cost of insurance for the declared value of 2€ per book.


  • In principal, applications should be made before October of the previous Japanese fiscal year (from April 1st to March 31st).
  • Please send an email to ml-iflaat k o d o m o dot g o dot j p with the following information
    • 1) Organization name
    • 2) Postal address
    • 3) Contact email address
    • 4) Contact name
    • 5) Desired loan period (within 1 month, excluding the period of transportation. Up to three choices)
    • 6) Official homepage address or other information about your organization and activities (if any)
    • 7) Purpose of the exhibition

Loan Records

* Find pictures of the past exhibitions from IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section facebook page (link to Facebook website).

  • FY2023
    • National Library Board, Singapore (Singapore)
  • FY2019
    • Macau Library and Information Management Association (Macau, China)
  • FY2014
    • Gosford City Library (Gosford, Australia)
  • FY2013
    • National Library for Children and Young Adults (Seoul, Korea)
    • Subong Library (Incheon, Korea)

ml-iflaat k o d o m o dot g o dot j p


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